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Sea Urchins

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-May 2012

-September 2012

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Coelopleurus exquisitus
Coppard & Schultz 2006,
New Caledonia

Zootaxa 1281: 1-19

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The sea urchin Heterocentrotus trigonarius is set by several parasitic snails Echineulima eburnea.
Ile de la Reunion

Heinke Schultz 2005.
Interactions between Molluscs and Sea-Urchins.
Club Conchylia Informationen 37
(1/2): 41-48 .

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by Heinke Schultz


Vol I:
a guide to worldwide
shallow water species

Vol II:
a guide to worldwide
irregular deep water species
Sea Urchins I is the basic book, which treats the evolution, ontogeny, systematic, morphology, ecology and geographic distribution of the sea urchins and describes the more common species living in shallow water.
Sea Urchins II deals with the irregular sea urchins, which live in deeper to very deep water. Almost all recorded species of today are introduced, partly with old original illustrations. more.....

Vol III:
a guide to worldwide
regular deep water species
In Sea-Urchins III approximately 250 additional and often rare regular species from the deep sea are introduced, including about 100 cidaroids. The author shows the differences between them by descriptions and numerous coloured photos and black/white drawings. Latest scientific findings are added. The book is completed by a bibliography and an index for all three volumes. more.....

These three books are a veritable Encyclopedia of echinoids.

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